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President Obama @ Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Video)10/24/2011

President Barack Obama was at the famous restaurant on Monday -- hitting up L.A.'s famous Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles ... in a move that made his wife and kids extremely jealous.

Obama dropped by to pick up an early dinner with his secret service -- ordering the "Country Boy" combo ... 3 chicken wings, a waffle, and potato salad ... for a fiscally responsible $8.40.

The manager said he was honored to have the Commander-in-Chief at his establishment -- but says he won't be renaming any menu items after B.O. ... in fairness to Reagan and Nixon, who were also regulars ... but don't have any items named after them. Michelle and kids weren't there -- but according to the manager, Barack insisted his wife and daughters would be stopping by Roscoe's Hollywood location in the near future ... because they're also huge fans of the restaurant.

 And they thought you were falling off Barack! Please, we know you ain't forget about the hood! Also here is a video of how it looked on the outside of the restaurant. Big up to Turtleman for uploading this video!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who's Yor Daddy? Growing up without a Dad.

Article by Edward "XStyle" Parker "Jr."

Who's Your Daddy?

It's funny how this one line turned out to be a punchline in a joke amongst minorities. Trust me it actually comes from a hurtful place being that a large percentage of minorities grow up in a single parent home and the normal parent missing is the father. Me being an African American male understood exactly how hurtful this can be.

First of all, I have the same name as my father secondly I don't even remember what he looks like and third always had the feeling he never acknowledge me as his son even though I carry the same name. There is also anger that he left my mom, my sister and me to fend for ourselves. Just the idea I carry the name of a man I don't know but must treat him with importance because we have the same name has always been troubling to me. Also he set an early example for me to believe it was okay to make a woman believe I loved her and then abandon her once I no longer felt the need to love her regardless of the consequences. As I grew up i realized I had to figure out the dos and don'ts of relationships through trials and error. ( The more errors i made the more I learned what not to do ) But there is another side to the story as well. My sister I never looked at it from her point of view growing up without him as well. How not having him protect her from making bad choices in men could effect her relationship choices as well. Then my mom could this have a psychological effect on her as well. To be honest I never have had a candid conversation with them to find out how it effects them but I know it does. It's so funny how one man's choice not only effect the lives of his immediate family but shapes the outlook of future generations. So I ask you candidly think about this questions all jokes aside. Who's your daddy?

I found this clip from youtube it was a study on black women how they are affected in relationships growing up with no dad. Basically, the other side from a female perspective.

My Wish (Poetry by MochaSweet)

My Wish

There's somethin' I been wanting to say
But words can't express the way I feel
I often think about that day
My heart hasn't quite healed

I never understood why you left us
Just got in your car and drove away
Wit no words said, you left in a rush
The scar of abandonment is still present today

You left us in an unfamiliar place
Wit no money...lonely....cold
Us leaving you was too hard for you to face
In this situation we had no control

Two teenage girls left alone and scared
Thinkin' that you'd come back
When you didn't, we realized you didn't care
Your anger made you crack

You let your anger get in the way
Not accepting we were homesick and missing the life we had
We loved you very much but didn't want to stay
That's what got you so mad

Although you were mad, that wasn't the way to handle it
You forced us to rely on a stranger
You didn't give a shit...
You put our lives in danger

You displayed a lack of concern for our welfare
And you didn't think twice
That whole ordeal was a nightmare
For your actions we almost paid a tragic price

Not only did you hurt us but you disappointed my mom as well
She was worried and didn't know what to do
She was mad as hell
Probably wanted to kill you

I hated you for committing such an act
I was disqusted and called you every name in the book
I never wanted to see your again after that
In my eyes was an angry look

I couldn't excuse you for abandoning me as a child
You were supposed to protect us and keep us safe
I'm putting it extremely mild
In my eyes you were a disgrace

After all these years I still can't get over it
I'm haunted by the horrible memories
Still angry and hurt I must admit
I need some therapy

I'm strugglin' to forgive you
In time my heart will heal
Look at it from my point of view
Then you'll understand how I feel

There's one last thing I want you to know
I wanna be able to move on from this
I still love you, I want our relationship to grow
Forgiving you is my wish.....

By MochaSweet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exclusive: Free Download Rare Music by J. Cole when he was named Therapist

First of all if you don't know J. Cole is from Fayettnam aka Da Ville aka Fayetteville, N.C. (Now you know N*gga) But before he was J. Cole he was known as the Therapist who appeared on a compilation Cd (Fayettenam Bommuhs) by All Terrain Music my homies  (Nerv Reck and Filthe Rich).

He was around 17 at the time, very lo key in the Fayettenam Hip Hop Scene at the time but on the cd he definitely showed that he would be a force in the very near future aka the J. Cole you guys know now. If you zoom in on the pic above you would see him circled in red. Now I'm not gonna front like I know J. Cole personally because I knew of him.

However, I'm gonna keep it real by 2002 when this CD dropped I was in South Carolina at the time but I always had an ear on the street in Fayettenam. A few proteges from my crew were also actually on that same Cd Fayettenam Bommuhs and like I said all the emcees on the CD were my lil homies. If you are from Fayettville or lived in Fayetteville in the 90's you know what mark me and my crew made on hip hop in Fayetteville hell North Carolina for that matter. This ain't about me this about a city that has so much talent that we gave you J. Cole but we have so much talent that has gone unheard. I could have you here all day. But let's get to it this is from my own personal stash I had this Cd sent to me when it first dropped (2002) and I just recently happen to stumble up on it. Anyhow I uploaded a digital copy of the Cd for you to listen to a young J. Cole (17) at the time aka Therapist. But this Cd ain't about J. Cole in my opinion it's about the other emcees on their that have gone unheard and in my opinion could drop a classic album right now just as good as Cole World if not even better but that's debateable. I do want to congratulate J. Cole because he reps Fayettenam to the fullest on his own, and I am grateful and so so proud of dude. Hopefully he never forgets his roots and where he came from, because he is standing on the shoulder of Giants and it just so happens that me and many of my closest niggas are those giants. Shouts to Bomm Sheltuh (Nerv Reck,Filthe) who gave J. Cole his break to be heard locally 'cause if they didn't I wouldn't have even heard of him. Track 6 and Track 10 are the tracks J.cole are on.... But listen to the whole cd and hear why J. Cole is so nice because he was surrounded by a whole lot of talent. Holla @ me!!

Click Here To Download Fayettenam Bommuhs


Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\01-Zef Lessons feat. Bomm Sheltuh - In Cold Blud
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\03-Bomm Sheltuh - Me, Myself & Him
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\04-Blaque Watch - Karma
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\05-Nerv Reck,Blaque Watch & D.A. Barouckas - Creamin
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\06-Therapist - The Storm
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\07-D.A. Barouckas - It
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\08-Koop-Da-Ville - Intro-Duce-Ing
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\09-Blaque Watch - Nothing
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\10-Therapist & Nerv Reck - Bref Control
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\11-KMS feat. Open Eyes - Tarheelz
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\12-Blaque Watch - Body Rock Remix
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\13-Mr. Jones - Gotta Survive
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\14-Bomm Sheltuh & D.A. Baroucka - Evil That Men Do
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\15-D.A. Barouckas, Nerv Reck & Snipes - Terra Firma
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\16-W-Ill - The Credits
Fayettenam Bommuhs- Chapter One\17-Nerv Reck - Giant Stepz

Once Again Click Here to Download Fayettenam Bommuhs

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"You and Your King To Be" by Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

                                                        You and Your King to Be

There are many words that can describe who you are
A beautiful rose that stands alone growing in the park
When you walk into a room you demand attention
With all the jaws that drop not to mention
Your walk tells me that the world is at your feet
And all people can say is oooweeh!!!
You carry yourself like the queen of Egypt
With confidence and pride
But ohh my beautiful queen behind those starry eyes,
The pain you do hide
I can see that you have cried a lot of tears
And you have had some fears
But I’m here to tell you that one day your king will come and
Gather all the rainbows to catch your falling tears
And his presents will be felt because he will be near
Who is he you ask?
All I can say is that he will make you feel like he was your first
But he will be your last
He will bring you a piece of heaven if God will allow him to
Because he always wants to see you happy and never feeling blue
He will hold you up next to God
Because he knows that’s where you belong
The weight of the world may be on his shoulders but the love in his heart
Will belong to you
Because he will be looking forward to that day when he hears those
Words “I do”
He will know that you’re worth more than diamonds and pearls
And he will make you the center of his world
Now close your eyes so that your heart will see
You and Your King to be.

By Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

Russell Simmons And Kanye West Take A Trip To #Occupy Wall Street

Russell Simmons knows how important it is for his voice to be heard.
Not only has he been occupying Wall Street over the past few weeks, he is also recruiting other important figures to let their voice be heard.

PHOTOS: Russell Simmons Occupies Wall Street
Today, Russell brought none other than Kanye West down to take part in the #OccupyWallStreet protests. Both of these men are showing that they take their jobs as leaders of our generation seriously by participating in the peaceful protests.

STORY: I Am Asking The Government To Raise My Taxes
Russell says of Kanye joining him today:
"It was amazing to see how people loved seeing Kanye West at Occupy Wall Street. His music and his art has always been about the voice and the power of the people. Kanye just wanted to come down and experience the growing movement that has opened the eyes of many around this country and around the world of the struggles of poor people. The energy at Liberty Plaza was electrifying and the momentum to get the money out of politics is growing quickly."

Comment: Entertainers are the new leaders of the century like it or not
It's just that not many are stepping up to the plate as they should. Kanye took a first step he should be given credit instead of being criticized for trying to get some camera time. He has Paparazzi following him everywhere so that's not the case at all. Kudos to Kanye.

Monday, October 10, 2011

In Need Of Some Hot Production Not Just A Beat? Listen Close!

Alright with so many people claiming they have the hottest beats blah blah blah and you can download em for FREE!!! Yeah they are pretty much garbage or basically the same industry standard beat you hear on radio and TV. Anyhow, Here @ Da Illest Ya Heard Productions we focus on working with the artist from start to finish polish their songs to have a national or even international appeal. If you are looking for free beats plenty of those beat makers on Internet. Truth is if you are great @ something never do it for free. Value your craft and your end product will determine your worth. Whether you have a major budget or working with a small budget as long as the talent is there we can work with you. most people will take your money even though they hate your music. I care about how the end product sounds because it's attached to my production so I'm honest about the process. Enough talking press play on the player below to listen to a sample of my production.

Contact me:  for further details. Serious inquiries only!

Tar Baby by Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

My name is Johnny "Midnite" Lunn....I'm a guy that love life and all the things that it has to offer. My passions are writing, playing my sax, and traveling. I'm a down to earth brother that loves to share knowledge with anyone who's will to accept it. I hope everyone enjoys reading my works as I enjoy writing and sharing it.

Tar Baby

Yo’ sho isa ugly, nun, nun, nun!!!
Yo’ sho isa ugly
That’s what you say to me
Who am I?
They call me “Tar Baby”

My skin is as black as the midnight sky
When I stand in a dark room you can only see the whites of my eyes
Or the beautiful pearl that is my smile

Yes I’m as black as paved roads
But read on and me “Tar Baby” you’ll get to know

I’m like a smooth lover that makes your body quiver at night
I’m like a gentle dove that smoothly takes flight
I’m that black knight that makes your body feel all good and just right

Does the silkiness of my skin scare you a bit?
Come closer take a touch
Because ohh baby I’m like Chinese silk I’m as smooth as a baby butt
Yeah! That’s what’s up

Yes they call me “Tar Baby”
But from the moment our eyes touch I will leave you in amazement
I will have you wanting just a taste of this

Do I think I’m all that?
No I don’t
But when I make passionate love to you all night long
You’ll be like baby don’t stop… keep it going on and on and on
Then we hear the birds sing there song and before you know it, it’s the break of dawn
They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
Now just lay back and relax and let me taste you
I use your body like a blank canvas, writing the sweet verses of poetry
Letting you softly know that is it’s me “Tar Baby”

I’m that shadow that kisses you from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head
I’m that gentle breeze that blows in between your legs
I create the moister of your sweet nectar flow like a river
My arms are the ones wrapped around you when you shake and you quiver

I explore your body like a treasure island not leaving one inch of your beautiful body untouched
Showing you that your delicate body means so much

I am the brother of the night that takes your breath away
As you call out my name “Tar Baby, Tar Baby”
I am there when you let yourself go and cannot take any more
And you let out a soft ohh!!!!
As you bite down on the king pillow
Then I gentle slide over to shield you

From the passion that you just experienced
Now I ask you do you remember
Who am I?
The brother of the night that takes your breath away
They call me “Tar Baby”

BY: Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Light Skin vs Dark Skin (Another view)


Okay a few years ago I wrote a poem about light skin women and light skin men who prefer dating darker people. Also women who  have had bad experiences with dating light skin men and categorize all light skin men from there on as the same. Well, I have experience all of these things first hand since I was a kid. You have the right to choose your preference of who you want to date. But the truth is not many know where the root cause lies. Some say it's House Nigger Field Nigger syndrome during slavery.Some say Willi Lynch Syndrome, Some just have no clue they just prefer a specific color. There was never a time for me where I chose a specific color of black women. But I have remained an exception to the rule because I hate being put in a box. Now this does not apply to everyone but there is a marginal history within our race. My question is this....  Does any other cultures or races have this issue? Or did the taboo of slaves really effect  us as a race. Some tend to believe light skin women and light skin men think they are all that, conceited. Dark skin people are  not. All of this shit is crazy but truth is it exists. I just think it's healthy for us to discuss why we feel a certain way towards skin color especially in our own race? It's funny how many people always say I'm not that way but deep down inside they are. Just look at the people they have dated in their past and it will tell a story for them. Anyhow, Here is the Poem I wrote. It's pretty much self explanatory! Feel free to comment or have a discussion with others, let's put it on the table. I'm interested in knowing if other races have similar issues......

Because I'm Light Skinned

What have I done to be forsaken
Often the victim of so called playa hatin'
My skin is not a disease, Negro please!
My curly hair and green eyes nowadays you can buy some of these!
And ladies I can't let you off the hook
Some of ya'll turn ya'll head and won't give me a look.
Some even say "I don't date light skinned men"
Putting me in a category that I don't want to be in.
If some yella brotha hurt-ed you in your past.
Don't take it out on me, Take it out on his yellow ass.
If I had a dime for every time I heard "You look my light skinned cousin"
Only to find out by the pictures I wasn't.
We don't think the same or act the same because of our complexion.
But yet we are hated equally and that is no question.
I'm not saying all of you do but there are quite a few.
I'm just saying dark skinned men don't get treated the way that I do.
I can't lie being light skinned has had it's advantages.
It's just a few light skinned knuckleheads tend to mismanage it.

I remember I saw this chick frowning up at me.
So I approached her because she looked so unhappy.
I said hello there beautiful sista, what's wrong you look so sad.
She said " I swear to god you remind me of my fucking baby's dad!"
His ass was a no good light skinned mother fucker like you.
And if I didn't know any better I'd probably fight you!
So I said to her " I can't pretend like I know where you coming from"
But that hatred you got for me is worse than the white man's one.
All I see is a beautiful woman whose soul has been scarred.
Not some dark skinned bitch that is acting all hard.
So if you want get to know me, here's my number call me soon.
I see your hurting inside Ma but we can heal those wounds!

Another incident happened a few months back.
I approached a fine light skinned sista because she had it like that.
I said what's up baby girl I like your smile.
You mind if a stranger like me conversates for a while!
She said "yeah but for real real I'm not into light skin men!"
In my mind, I'm like damn, here she go with that bullshit again.
She said you cute and all but I prefer darker brothers.
I said you and I are like a game of Monopoly by them parker brothers.
People matching up colors instead of matching up hearts.
Light can't go with light and dark can't go with dark.
I wanted to go deep on her ass and talk about the slaves.
About the Willie Lynch Syndrome but I'd better behave.
I told her all my life I've had to fight all kinds of stereotypes.
Being hated on by my own peoples as well as the whites.
All I see is a beautiful woman, your skin color is not in my sight.
I'd figure since you're light skinned you might know what it's like?
But you entitled to date whoever you want to date.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you mami it was all mistake.
I said I hope you find a good brother regardless of color.
She said "Damn you touched me unlike any other brother!"
She said "I'm willing to turn a new leaf, here's my number call me soon."
I said "I see you only confused on the inside but we can heal those wounds."
The morale to this poem is self hatred is the worse hatred.
Because I'm black and that's that, It's the way that god made it.
Because I'm light skinned doesn't mean I don't make mistakes.
It's not the light skinned you hate you just hate my mistakes!

Original Poetry by X-Style aka "Ed Parker"

"Romantic Night on the Beach" by MochaSweet



                                         Romantic Night On The Beach

Imagine being on the beach
together holding hands,
Walkin' along the beautiful water
and gorgeous white sand,
Watchin' the sun set as it's getting dark
The sky is bright red and you can see a cloud in the shape of a heart,
As the night falls, the tide gets high and the cool breeze starts to blow,
The soft sound of the waves in the ocean is smooth and mellow
The atmosphere is filled with a romantic tone
You realize there is no one on the beach, you two are totally alone...
With no words, you start to kiss
You both are in heavenly bliss
The tide comes close to where the sand and shore meet
From where you stand the water rushes up and rolls over your bare feet
The water is cold and the sand is wet
Your inner beings are startin' to connect
The blanket is spread out over the sand nice and neat
Relaxin', enjoyin' a romantic night on the beach
You're hearts are jumping and turning flips
As your bodies align like a solar eclipse....
The night is young , everything seems right
Being in each others arms makes for a beautiful night.....

A Poem by MochaSweet

Kevin Hart thanks fans for "Laughing at his Pain"

Poetry by MochaSweet

Hi fellas, my name is MochaSweet and I am a female poet seeking some exposure to the poetry world. I would like to be featured on this website so please feel free to read my poetry and I hope you enjoy it.

Sensual and sexy I feel,

When you caress my body from my head to my heels

Big strong hands exploring every inch of me

Almost bringing me to ecstasy

Gently, I kiss your luscious lips

Our bodies ever so close, I can feel your heart doing flips

I wanna show you this ain't all about me,

Only that special man deserves this service from me

Happily I seduce you with a little tongue action

The sound of your voice claims satisfaction

You whisper in my ear "come ride this dick"

I oblige and straddle your stick

The ride to pure pleasure begins in slow motion

Thrusting my pussy around in circles as if mixing a potion

Grabbing my ass and spreading my cheeks

The view in the mirror is a thrill we seek

Watching ourselves in action turns up the heat

The rhythmic pace of our bodies never miss a beat

Our breathing is starting to get heavy

As raging water threatens to break a levy

We become one in erotic ecstasy and emotion

When we hit our peak it felt like a volcanic eruption.......

Thursday, October 6, 2011

X-Style Chiks and Politiks Free Album Download!!

This is my 2007 album I'm releasing it to u for free... download it here exclusively otherwise buy it on itunes etc

1 - Outta My Head
2 - Old Man Sunshine
3 - U Talkin 2 A Coach
4 - Knockdown
5 - Pride Kills Man
6 - Who Dat
7 - Who I Am
8 - Write A Book
9 - Only Thing I Did Good
10 - So Long Now
11 - What A Day
12 - Break It Down
13 - No Where
14 - Cross Yo Heart
15 - I Got Back Up
16 - I'm Da Truth
17 - Get Yo Hands Out My Pocket
18 - Hush Now
19 - Hold On
20 - I Know U Tired
Download from this link