Monday, October 10, 2011

In Need Of Some Hot Production Not Just A Beat? Listen Close!

Alright with so many people claiming they have the hottest beats blah blah blah and you can download em for FREE!!! Yeah they are pretty much garbage or basically the same industry standard beat you hear on radio and TV. Anyhow, Here @ Da Illest Ya Heard Productions we focus on working with the artist from start to finish polish their songs to have a national or even international appeal. If you are looking for free beats plenty of those beat makers on Internet. Truth is if you are great @ something never do it for free. Value your craft and your end product will determine your worth. Whether you have a major budget or working with a small budget as long as the talent is there we can work with you. most people will take your money even though they hate your music. I care about how the end product sounds because it's attached to my production so I'm honest about the process. Enough talking press play on the player below to listen to a sample of my production.

Contact me:  for further details. Serious inquiries only!

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