Friday, November 18, 2011

Heavy D's Brother Floyd Meyers Speaks On His Memory [Video]

Heavy D's Brother Speaks Out
There was a public memorial service yesterday in Mount Vernon, NY for Heavy D. and today there's a private service for friends and family.
Yesterday his brother Floyd Meyers spoke with MTV on Heav's legacy, how he maintained his health and the people he touched.
As Floyd explains the relevance of his brother's contribution to the game and how he was overwhelmed by his catalog, it really solidified Heavy D's legendary status as an artist and as a person.
Meyers also pointed out that there were things his brother wouldn't do that could have made him money but those are the reasons why he's remembered in such high regards.
From the music to the movies to the man himself, Heavy D will never be forgotten.
And for anyone that wants to contribute to the fund so that his daughter Xia Meyers will be financially set, go to

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