Friday, November 18, 2011

Tyrese Dropping Some Knowledge For Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Baby Boy Tyrese has grown up and has some lessons to share about life, career and control. He even infuses some messages from Dr. Martin Luther King to clarify his point... Now he knows the difference between guns and butter, baby:
What’s up ya’ll! It’s your man Tyrese… Yes, I said it Tyrese..
I wanna talk to you real quick about “CONTROL”
I’ve learned a thing or 2 over the years about control. I know some people abuse it but for the most part it’s something that we are ALL on our own little missions to get MORE of..
Do you really believe your LIFE and CAREER has LOST control?
I felt that way for years and I wanted to send this message to you because what I did to get my life back on track is something we all have in us.. But sometimes we just need PERMISSION to get things BACK under control..
I’m talking to YOU.. Yes, YOU!!! You have more control than you think you do of the OUTCOME of your Month, Week, Hour, and Minutes.. Do you NOT believe me??
Dr Kings Birthday is Today..
DECIDE right now who you wanna share that TIME with..
We all pretty much KNOW who to stay away from during the Holidays cause they tend to mess things up every time right??
So I want you to decide to create a BETTER outcome for your ONE holiday.
You can’t feel BAD about NOT including these BAD people..
You get 1 Dr Martin Luther King day Jr holiday .. You deserve to Smile and ENJOY every second of it..
I elaborated MORE on this HERE..
Before I go ..
I wanted to share these 5 quotes that have literally CHANGED my LIFE..
“I’m the MASTER of my environment”..
“You can OFTEN tell how FAR your LIFE and CAREER will go based on the FIVE PEOPLE you spend the MOST time with” – Will Smith
“If YOU TRULY have a PROBLEM with your LIFE you SHOULD have PROBLEM with the PEOPLE IN your LIFE”
“Not one OUNCE of my SELF WORTH depends on your ACCEPTANCE of ME” – Quincy Jones
“You CAN’T Get points TODAY for YESTERDAYS GAME” – Michael Jordan
“God will NEVER give YOU something SOMEBODY ELSE is supposed to have”
“Life is a MENU whatever and WHOEVER you ORDER is what’s gonna be DELIVERED to your TABLE”
Some people would say Tyrese why are you writing this blog?? Are you Bored??
Not the case I care enough to wanna SHARE the things that have brought SOO much peace in my LIFE..
2009 was a rough year for ALL of us.. Trust me I know..
I’ve LEARNED that as you go through the STORM, have the RIGHT people in your LIFE while these THINGS that you can’t sometimes CONTROL are happening makes ALL the difference in the WORLD..
Enjoy your day


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