Tuesday, November 15, 2011

X-Style - Me and U Girl (New Music!!)

X-Style "Just Me and U"

Me and U Girl Song Lyrics

Let’s Take a Trip around the (World)
The way we coming up make other people (Earl)
You feelin real good cause I made ya toes (Curl)
And everyone knows I’m ya Ini Kamoze
hot steppa wit da flows (now let’s take a (pose))
Smile for the Camera, Then take off ya clothes
I know them other Joes wanna smell ya Amber Rose
They wearing Hammer pants plus they got Hammer Toes
(Can’t Touch This) yea u fine u a dime plus six
Plus ya Head is on point – cuspis
Runway model wit a coke bottle shape
Quick to throw dem d’s bitches gotta lot of hate (yea-)
We just tryna chill, ain’t ya’ll sick of fightin
I ain’t gone lie, man I’m fifty Tyson
I’ll make you Run Son like Lil’ Diggy Writin’
Just me and chick, tryna enjoy da city night Fam.

I can’t make no promise, but i can be honest
Trust me I be all up in yo guts till u vomits
Yea u got that bomb sh— dat thong just a garnish
The way u work on wood I be swearing that u Amish
U can have my cabbage in your salad no vinagrette
Bust yo guts out put yo butt out cigarettes....

Me and U Girl | Online Karaoke

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