Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Download of Shaft (1971) Shut Yo Mouth


I First saw this in the Late 70's I snuck into a movie theatre down the street from my uncle's pool parlor. This is where I got my first taste of The Man tryna bring a brother down. None the less as you get older you realize more brothers bring you down more than the man AnyWho, This is for those who just want to feel Nostalgic a time when it was all about the struggle and how to overcome. Instead we now Struggle and Succumb. Richard RoundTree was an Icon to the ghetto as you will say an urban legend. Many independent black films followed this trend and now people use this era as a joke even a afro and black fist pick is considered a Halloween Costume. Well, for alot of black people fighting for civil rights this movie was a symbol of saying no to the Status Quo. If you ask me we all should be finding inspiration from this era because we are heading right back to the same struggles. Enjoy this Movie.... By the way this link is not hosted by this blog, the file is hosted otherwise.

Download here


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