Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Want To Fuck Love

Fuck love

Are You sick and tired of Love fucking you up, fucking stressing you out, fucking with your mind, fucking driving you crazy? It seems like Love does all the fucking and nobody really fucks Love back. Well, Today I'm turning Love into a female and I'm going to fuck the shit out of her. Excuse my french but Love always fucks the shit out of me, gets up while I'm sleep and never calls me back. Yeah yeah you can be single and love to fuck but that's still not Love that's another female called lust.... I fucked her hundreds of times, yeah Lust she a Hoe. But Love that chick Kind of classy, Strictly Grown Ass Woman, Very Independent, yea a lot of dudes chase her and when they can't control her they give up and find Lust. Me I'm calling Love out right now, no beating around the bush, no small talk just face to face. I'll look her in the eye and say yea it's my turn now to put that thang on you like you did me and so many before me.

I know some people are saying I'm married or I'm in love right now so I guess I'm fucking Love so this doesn't apply to me. Yes it does it applies especially to you. You are in love with a person whose feelings can change at a drop of a dime or if you make a mistake, or if you fuck Lust. Then you go into your little depression mode talking bout " Man, Fuck Love!" That's what I mean about Love, no matter who or what you're in love with, Love never changes. It doesn't care about infedelity, finances, status, what kind of job you got, love just keeps it moving with or without you.

Let me break it down for you, Love the Idea is what we fall in love with and we tend to interpret it as we see the idea in our mind. But The Real Love is Unconditional, Unwavering, Non-Judgemental, and does fine by itself. Love is Bi-Sexual it's not commited to you or anybody. Love is a swinger It can be one on one or it can have multiple partners but unlike Lust, Love doesn't seek us we choose to seek it. Even when I say I want to Fuck Love I am seeking Love , Love doesn't care that I want to fuck it. But that's what keeps me going wanting to find Love and fuck the shit out of it... and not just be in Love, that's too boring... Been there Done That!

Truth is I'll probably never get the chance to Fuck Love, so I'll just settle for finding someone who wants to fuck Love too just as much as me, Then we can have a Menage A Trois and live happily ever after!


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