Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poetry by MochaSweet

Hi fellas, my name is MochaSweet and I am a female poet seeking some exposure to the poetry world. I would like to be featured on this website so please feel free to read my poetry and I hope you enjoy it.

Sensual and sexy I feel,

When you caress my body from my head to my heels

Big strong hands exploring every inch of me

Almost bringing me to ecstasy

Gently, I kiss your luscious lips

Our bodies ever so close, I can feel your heart doing flips

I wanna show you this ain't all about me,

Only that special man deserves this service from me

Happily I seduce you with a little tongue action

The sound of your voice claims satisfaction

You whisper in my ear "come ride this dick"

I oblige and straddle your stick

The ride to pure pleasure begins in slow motion

Thrusting my pussy around in circles as if mixing a potion

Grabbing my ass and spreading my cheeks

The view in the mirror is a thrill we seek

Watching ourselves in action turns up the heat

The rhythmic pace of our bodies never miss a beat

Our breathing is starting to get heavy

As raging water threatens to break a levy

We become one in erotic ecstasy and emotion

When we hit our peak it felt like a volcanic eruption.......


Johnny "Midnite Black" Lunn said...

I'm lovin the's on point...I'm hoping to read more because I always like to stuff that's from the heart.

Mochasweet said...

Thanks Johnny! I appreciate the love. There is more to come.