Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Romantic Night on the Beach" by MochaSweet



                                         Romantic Night On The Beach

Imagine being on the beach
together holding hands,
Walkin' along the beautiful water
and gorgeous white sand,
Watchin' the sun set as it's getting dark
The sky is bright red and you can see a cloud in the shape of a heart,
As the night falls, the tide gets high and the cool breeze starts to blow,
The soft sound of the waves in the ocean is smooth and mellow
The atmosphere is filled with a romantic tone
You realize there is no one on the beach, you two are totally alone...
With no words, you start to kiss
You both are in heavenly bliss
The tide comes close to where the sand and shore meet
From where you stand the water rushes up and rolls over your bare feet
The water is cold and the sand is wet
Your inner beings are startin' to connect
The blanket is spread out over the sand nice and neat
Relaxin', enjoyin' a romantic night on the beach
You're hearts are jumping and turning flips
As your bodies align like a solar eclipse....
The night is young , everything seems right
Being in each others arms makes for a beautiful night.....

A Poem by MochaSweet

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