Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"You and Your King To Be" by Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

                                                        You and Your King to Be

There are many words that can describe who you are
A beautiful rose that stands alone growing in the park
When you walk into a room you demand attention
With all the jaws that drop not to mention
Your walk tells me that the world is at your feet
And all people can say is oooweeh!!!
You carry yourself like the queen of Egypt
With confidence and pride
But ohh my beautiful queen behind those starry eyes,
The pain you do hide
I can see that you have cried a lot of tears
And you have had some fears
But I’m here to tell you that one day your king will come and
Gather all the rainbows to catch your falling tears
And his presents will be felt because he will be near
Who is he you ask?
All I can say is that he will make you feel like he was your first
But he will be your last
He will bring you a piece of heaven if God will allow him to
Because he always wants to see you happy and never feeling blue
He will hold you up next to God
Because he knows that’s where you belong
The weight of the world may be on his shoulders but the love in his heart
Will belong to you
Because he will be looking forward to that day when he hears those
Words “I do”
He will know that you’re worth more than diamonds and pearls
And he will make you the center of his world
Now close your eyes so that your heart will see
You and Your King to be.

By Johnny "Midnite" Lunn


Anonymous said...

I love this mans writings, I hope he's planning on publishing these...

Mochasweet said...

Johnny, I love this poem. I want to see more. Snap...snap...snap!

susane said...

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