Monday, October 10, 2011

Tar Baby by Johnny "Midnite" Lunn

My name is Johnny "Midnite" Lunn....I'm a guy that love life and all the things that it has to offer. My passions are writing, playing my sax, and traveling. I'm a down to earth brother that loves to share knowledge with anyone who's will to accept it. I hope everyone enjoys reading my works as I enjoy writing and sharing it.

Tar Baby

Yo’ sho isa ugly, nun, nun, nun!!!
Yo’ sho isa ugly
That’s what you say to me
Who am I?
They call me “Tar Baby”

My skin is as black as the midnight sky
When I stand in a dark room you can only see the whites of my eyes
Or the beautiful pearl that is my smile

Yes I’m as black as paved roads
But read on and me “Tar Baby” you’ll get to know

I’m like a smooth lover that makes your body quiver at night
I’m like a gentle dove that smoothly takes flight
I’m that black knight that makes your body feel all good and just right

Does the silkiness of my skin scare you a bit?
Come closer take a touch
Because ohh baby I’m like Chinese silk I’m as smooth as a baby butt
Yeah! That’s what’s up

Yes they call me “Tar Baby”
But from the moment our eyes touch I will leave you in amazement
I will have you wanting just a taste of this

Do I think I’m all that?
No I don’t
But when I make passionate love to you all night long
You’ll be like baby don’t stop… keep it going on and on and on
Then we hear the birds sing there song and before you know it, it’s the break of dawn
They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
Now just lay back and relax and let me taste you
I use your body like a blank canvas, writing the sweet verses of poetry
Letting you softly know that is it’s me “Tar Baby”

I’m that shadow that kisses you from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head
I’m that gentle breeze that blows in between your legs
I create the moister of your sweet nectar flow like a river
My arms are the ones wrapped around you when you shake and you quiver

I explore your body like a treasure island not leaving one inch of your beautiful body untouched
Showing you that your delicate body means so much

I am the brother of the night that takes your breath away
As you call out my name “Tar Baby, Tar Baby”
I am there when you let yourself go and cannot take any more
And you let out a soft ohh!!!!
As you bite down on the king pillow
Then I gentle slide over to shield you

From the passion that you just experienced
Now I ask you do you remember
Who am I?
The brother of the night that takes your breath away
They call me “Tar Baby”

BY: Johnny "Midnite" Lunn


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful!!! I could actually visualize this passion happening between 2 ppl.

X-Style said...

Johnny this is what poetry exemplifies fam. looking forward to more of your work.

Mochasweet said...

Sexy poem,Tar Baby....ummmmm