Friday, October 21, 2011

My Wish (Poetry by MochaSweet)

My Wish

There's somethin' I been wanting to say
But words can't express the way I feel
I often think about that day
My heart hasn't quite healed

I never understood why you left us
Just got in your car and drove away
Wit no words said, you left in a rush
The scar of abandonment is still present today

You left us in an unfamiliar place
Wit no money...lonely....cold
Us leaving you was too hard for you to face
In this situation we had no control

Two teenage girls left alone and scared
Thinkin' that you'd come back
When you didn't, we realized you didn't care
Your anger made you crack

You let your anger get in the way
Not accepting we were homesick and missing the life we had
We loved you very much but didn't want to stay
That's what got you so mad

Although you were mad, that wasn't the way to handle it
You forced us to rely on a stranger
You didn't give a shit...
You put our lives in danger

You displayed a lack of concern for our welfare
And you didn't think twice
That whole ordeal was a nightmare
For your actions we almost paid a tragic price

Not only did you hurt us but you disappointed my mom as well
She was worried and didn't know what to do
She was mad as hell
Probably wanted to kill you

I hated you for committing such an act
I was disqusted and called you every name in the book
I never wanted to see your again after that
In my eyes was an angry look

I couldn't excuse you for abandoning me as a child
You were supposed to protect us and keep us safe
I'm putting it extremely mild
In my eyes you were a disgrace

After all these years I still can't get over it
I'm haunted by the horrible memories
Still angry and hurt I must admit
I need some therapy

I'm strugglin' to forgive you
In time my heart will heal
Look at it from my point of view
Then you'll understand how I feel

There's one last thing I want you to know
I wanna be able to move on from this
I still love you, I want our relationship to grow
Forgiving you is my wish.....

By MochaSweet


George Reed said...

that was a deep poem I really love your poems

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