Sunday, October 9, 2011

Light Skin vs Dark Skin (Another view)


Okay a few years ago I wrote a poem about light skin women and light skin men who prefer dating darker people. Also women who  have had bad experiences with dating light skin men and categorize all light skin men from there on as the same. Well, I have experience all of these things first hand since I was a kid. You have the right to choose your preference of who you want to date. But the truth is not many know where the root cause lies. Some say it's House Nigger Field Nigger syndrome during slavery.Some say Willi Lynch Syndrome, Some just have no clue they just prefer a specific color. There was never a time for me where I chose a specific color of black women. But I have remained an exception to the rule because I hate being put in a box. Now this does not apply to everyone but there is a marginal history within our race. My question is this....  Does any other cultures or races have this issue? Or did the taboo of slaves really effect  us as a race. Some tend to believe light skin women and light skin men think they are all that, conceited. Dark skin people are  not. All of this shit is crazy but truth is it exists. I just think it's healthy for us to discuss why we feel a certain way towards skin color especially in our own race? It's funny how many people always say I'm not that way but deep down inside they are. Just look at the people they have dated in their past and it will tell a story for them. Anyhow, Here is the Poem I wrote. It's pretty much self explanatory! Feel free to comment or have a discussion with others, let's put it on the table. I'm interested in knowing if other races have similar issues......

Because I'm Light Skinned

What have I done to be forsaken
Often the victim of so called playa hatin'
My skin is not a disease, Negro please!
My curly hair and green eyes nowadays you can buy some of these!
And ladies I can't let you off the hook
Some of ya'll turn ya'll head and won't give me a look.
Some even say "I don't date light skinned men"
Putting me in a category that I don't want to be in.
If some yella brotha hurt-ed you in your past.
Don't take it out on me, Take it out on his yellow ass.
If I had a dime for every time I heard "You look my light skinned cousin"
Only to find out by the pictures I wasn't.
We don't think the same or act the same because of our complexion.
But yet we are hated equally and that is no question.
I'm not saying all of you do but there are quite a few.
I'm just saying dark skinned men don't get treated the way that I do.
I can't lie being light skinned has had it's advantages.
It's just a few light skinned knuckleheads tend to mismanage it.

I remember I saw this chick frowning up at me.
So I approached her because she looked so unhappy.
I said hello there beautiful sista, what's wrong you look so sad.
She said " I swear to god you remind me of my fucking baby's dad!"
His ass was a no good light skinned mother fucker like you.
And if I didn't know any better I'd probably fight you!
So I said to her " I can't pretend like I know where you coming from"
But that hatred you got for me is worse than the white man's one.
All I see is a beautiful woman whose soul has been scarred.
Not some dark skinned bitch that is acting all hard.
So if you want get to know me, here's my number call me soon.
I see your hurting inside Ma but we can heal those wounds!

Another incident happened a few months back.
I approached a fine light skinned sista because she had it like that.
I said what's up baby girl I like your smile.
You mind if a stranger like me conversates for a while!
She said "yeah but for real real I'm not into light skin men!"
In my mind, I'm like damn, here she go with that bullshit again.
She said you cute and all but I prefer darker brothers.
I said you and I are like a game of Monopoly by them parker brothers.
People matching up colors instead of matching up hearts.
Light can't go with light and dark can't go with dark.
I wanted to go deep on her ass and talk about the slaves.
About the Willie Lynch Syndrome but I'd better behave.
I told her all my life I've had to fight all kinds of stereotypes.
Being hated on by my own peoples as well as the whites.
All I see is a beautiful woman, your skin color is not in my sight.
I'd figure since you're light skinned you might know what it's like?
But you entitled to date whoever you want to date.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you mami it was all mistake.
I said I hope you find a good brother regardless of color.
She said "Damn you touched me unlike any other brother!"
She said "I'm willing to turn a new leaf, here's my number call me soon."
I said "I see you only confused on the inside but we can heal those wounds."
The morale to this poem is self hatred is the worse hatred.
Because I'm black and that's that, It's the way that god made it.
Because I'm light skinned doesn't mean I don't make mistakes.
It's not the light skinned you hate you just hate my mistakes!

Original Poetry by X-Style aka "Ed Parker"

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